Jelena karleuša jk revolution

However, years later, in 2015, Karleuša accused Kim Kardashian of copying her fashion style, but person witch style she was copyed the most was Katarina Jovanović citing several outfits that were similar. [5] Recently The Wendy Williams Show also showed Beyoncé wearing very similar looks that Karleuša had worn previously. [6]

In 1997 Jelena published her third album named „Vestice vile“ (Witches & Elves) where her mother Divna had participated. The album was edited by the record label ZAM . With Jelena’s fourth album „zovem se Jelena“ (My name is Jelena) Jelena finally become a star in Serbia. The fourth album by JK broke all records in Serbia and sold more than 250,000 times. In the beginning of the new millennium (2000) JK changed her image and music direction completely and released their fifth album with the name „ Gili Gili “ for the Serbian label „ Grand Produkcija „.

Jelena Karleuša JK RevolutionJelena Karleuša JK RevolutionJelena Karleuša JK RevolutionJelena Karleuša JK Revolution