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Coiffy Talk:
Shaw, too, wanted to banish “pop-culture Rosie” and told her star to go gray for the series. “She also insisted on super-long hair extensions, which I really fought her on,” O’Donnell says. “But Frankie’s a genius and I lovingly placed myself in her care—and now I can walk the streets and go through airports unnoticed. I have a freedom I haven’t had in decades!” O’Donnell claims she’s even had to pull out her driver’s license on occasion in order to prove she’s really herself. “People think I got it at some gag store,” she says. “They’re like, ‘Wow, that’s funny! Where’d you buy that? Now what’s your real name?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding? If I was gonna pretend to be someone, why would I pick me? I’d pretend to be Kathy Bates!’”

"Angel Baby" made its radio debut in December 1960, before the group had even received their contract. When the contract finally came, Hamlin found that she was ineligible to collect record royalties from the song because she was not listed as the songwriter . This led to the group's break-up, and although Hamlin secured the copyright to her music in 1961, decades of battles over royalties followed.

Rosie and The Originals - The Best OfRosie and The Originals - The Best OfRosie and The Originals - The Best OfRosie and The Originals - The Best Of